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Switch your mobile network and keep your existing number

Talk Mobile Mobile Number Portability Instructions:

Select your current mobile phone network and the network you would like to move to using the drop-down menus below for full Talk Mobile mobile number portability instructions:



What is Talk Mobile Mobile Number Portability?

Talk Mobile Mobile Number Portability, MNP or mobile number porting allows you to transfer your existing mobile phone number from Talk Mobile to another mobile phone operator. This saves you having to tell your family, friends and contacts your new number... You can keep your existing Talk Mobile mobile phone number. The process is termed mobile number portability (MNP), or mobile number porting. It's quick, FREE and very easy to do - use our handy tool above to obtain full instructions.

NOTE: You can order your new phone and contract before you initiate mobile number portability. Just DO NOT cancel your current mobile phone contract until mobile number portability has been initiated (or you will lose your current mobile phone number)

Talk Mobile Mobile Number Portability is FREE.

To keep your Talk Mobile mobile phone number when switching to another mobile phone operator, use our handy tool above to obtain your mobile number porting instructions. Just select your current and new phone operators, click OK and you'll receive full instructions for Talk Mobile mobile number portability.