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Samsung Galaxy S3 launch day

03 May 2012

Live coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) from London

Tonight's the night, technophiles. Samsung's big Galaxy launch event kicks off at 7pm GMT in London, and we'll be amazed if the Korean giant doesn't unveil the new Galaxy S3 (or SIII, or however you want to say it).

Rumours and leaks have been rife for months now, including a rather embarassing Amazon blunder. We have a pretty good idea what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S3 specs, so check out our full S3 rumour round-up to see our predictions. We'll be covering the launch live, and also tweeting from the event - follow us on Twitter for the full coverage and our initial thoughts!



We're here! The place is rammed, probably around 2-3,000 people, and we're sat in front of a giant screen - this thing makes Imax look like you'r gran's old telly. Almost time for kick off!

5pm (2 hours to go)

Samsung has confirmed that there will be super-fast Wi-Fi, so we don't have to rely on ropey 3G to bring you all photos and news from the launch - phew!

We're off to Earls Court in under an hour, more news when we get there!

3pm (4 hours to go)

So, any interesting conspiracy theories about the mysterious design of the invite? We're wondering if the blue & white colour splashes mean a different design from Samsung, away from standard black. As long as it isn't as plasticky as the (otherwise awesome) Galaxy S2, we'll be happy bunnies.

As well as tweeting as it all kicks off, we'll be taking plenty of photos - check here for some of the highlights, and our Galaxy S3 Facebook album for the whole lot.

2pm (5 hours to go)

The presentation kicks off in just five hours, and already we're itching to get there and see what Samsung has conjured up. We'll be taking loads of video and hopefully getting hands-on with the new Galaxy S III - or could Samsung pull a different name out of the bag? The leaked Amazon post suggests S3 / S III all the way, but we expected that of the iPad 3 and you all saw what happened there...



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