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Mobile Phone Darwin Awards honour tragic ex-smartphones

30 April 2012

Death by fire, urinal and dog...horrific tales of smartphone demise

A smartphone version of the Darwin Awards, which honours the most ridiculous ways people have departed this world, has been set up by consumer electronic warranty gurus SquareTrade. Some of the stories are wince-worthy, while others have you wondering just how humanity has made it this far.

Toilet trouble is a massive cause of premature phone death, so it's not surprising to hear of users dropping their mobile in a urinal. Dropping your phone in a fire is more worrying, however. If you're of a sensitive disposition, the photo at the bottom of the page will turn your stomach.

Other luckless handsets ended up shredded by lawnmowers, plummeting from wind turbines, or even dunked into a cup of coffee when the owner mistook it for a biscuit. We'd have lied and said the dog ate it, which is what happened to another unfortunate owner. The phone emerged again a week later, but apparently doggy guts aren't the most hospitable environment for your mobile.

You can read more horrific stories of phone abuse on SquareTrade's Facebook page. And while you're over there, don't forget to Like your great mates at Mobile Choice, to get the latest phone news first.



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