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LG Cloud makes its official debut

01 May 2012

Latest cloud-based storage option trials in US and Korea

With Samsung rumoured to be launching its own cloud-based storage system later this week, it seems like the perfect time for LG to come along and do much the same right now with LG Cloud.

Except, if the initial details of the Samsung service prove correct, this isn't quite the same. While Samsung is said to be providing 5GB of storage on the go, LG is offering a whopping 50GB of storage space for users. Yes, 10 times the amount of space. But that's only an initial offer. After six months, if you want to keep using it for free, you get dropped to 5GB or you pay. Clever little move there, LG.

The service isn't just limited to LG devices either. You can use any mobile device or smartphone. But once that six month honeymoon period is over, non-LG users will be dropped down to just 2GB. Again, unless you pay for more storage. Interestingly, any video footage uploaded will be optimised for streaming dependent on your bandwidth and if you have bought a 3D phone (anyone?) you can stream the content shot from that to an LG 3D TV.

Now, the usage limitations. First up, you'll need an Android phone running 2.2 or above to access the app and service, with a Windows client also enabling uploads from your computer. Secondly, it's only available initially in LG's native Korea and the US. Don't worry too much about that though. The initial rollout is a public beta, so once any problems have been ironed out from that, expect the service to expand its reach to the UK. In the meantime, you can always try something like Dropbox or Google Drive - there are plenty of options out there.



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